personal grow kit in lounge, for growing cannabis, tomatoes or other plants

Next generation personal growspaces

With the Automato grow kit, turn any cabinet into the ultimate growspace

Making big things happen in small spaces.

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Smart grow kit in office, better than a grow tent

Bringing the growspace out of the garage.

Designed for living spaces, working spaces, and every space in between.

See in plant-time.

Watch your plant explode with growth at 100,000X speed with Automato Timelapse.

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Not just any grow space.

Automato growbox with 240W side lighting and tomato plant
  • Packed with smart features

    Dynamically-modulated lighting. Open door sensor with open door mode.
    Automated timelapse generation. Quiet
    mode with scheduler.

    Cool features, useful features, features for the pros, and features for the apprentices.

  • Extremely effective

    With our dual channel lighting system, you can grow a monster by giving it light from every side.

    Whether you grow cannabis or tomatoes, our lateral lighting system allows you to obtain yields that are beyond what you could imagine with a conventional grow tent of comparable footprint.

  • Versatile

    Our automated watering system is compatible with any soil-like medium. Whether you like growing in coco coir or living soil, you never have to commit to one medium.

    No proprietary nutriments capsules or other BS. If you need to use nutriments, you can use the ones of your choice. Just add them directly to the reservoir.

  • A blast to use

    User-friendly dashboard.

    Long autonomy.

    Loads of experimental features.

  • Simple, Smart, Slick

    Growing has never been this fun with the Automato controller.

    Controls every device in the grow space to bring you a slick, seamless experience.

  • Rethinking every component

    Our blower fans feature a washable, reusable dust filter. We care about little things like that.

  • Up to 3 pounds per year... from a closet?

    It's possible, when you can grow a 300-gram monster every 90 days.

    Check out one of our monster grows on reddit!

A time machine at your fingertips

Automato Timelapse is a whole new way to watch your grow and stay one step ahead.

Your closet, our growkits - it's a match!

With a simple modular design, our grow kits can be installed in a wide variety of closets, cabinets and armoires.

Grow your own.

Your own chili peppers, that is. Or whatever else your heart desires.

With up to 360° lateral lighting, you can bask your plants in light that would rival the sun. Enough light to grow a monster cherry tomato plant... for example.

Personal growspace of the future

Built-in timelapses

Self-refreshing timelapse, always at your fingertips. See your grow like you've never seen it before.

Long autonomy

Who needs a plantsitter? Not us.

Our unique watering system is compatible with both soil and soil-less mediums.

Unbeatable yield per square foot

You won't believe what a cabinet grow can be. Let us show you!

Growspaces for living spaces

Compact form. Discrete package. Built-in noise control. With these features, you'll never want to hide the grow space in the garage ever again. Why would you want to?