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Step 0 - Finding a suitable cabinet

We recommend a cabinet which has two pull-open doors, is at least 30 inches (75cm wide), 18 inches (45 cm) deep, and at least 6 feet (180cm) tall.

We recommend that the interior be white, to better reflect light.


Step 1 - Fitting your cabinet

Before installing your grow kit, holes must be drilled in your cabinet for the air intake and exhaust.

This step requires the use of a 2" hole saw and a 4" hole saw. If you are unsure about doing this yourself, please ask for the help of a qualified professional.


Step 2 - Installing the Tomato Machine kit

For this step, you'll only need to use regular drill bits, but you should still ask for help if you need it.

Following the provided instructions, install each component. Then, connect all the components to the Automato controller. Once power is on, you can then use your phone to connect to the "automato" WiFi network to input your WiFi credentials. Then, you are ready to start growing!


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