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The Automato Camera is a small camera which clips onto compatible LED panels, and which connects to your Automato Controller.


automato timelapse camera connected to automato controller



Every few hours, our dedicated timelapse server stitches together thousands of photographs of your plant. The result is a video of your plant growing at tens of thousands of times regular speed. Example Video (youtube link will open in new window).



automato timelapse camera clipped onto LED quantum board panels


There are clear advantages to having the camera mounted directly to the lights:

  • Always the optimal distance to the plant. As the plant grows, you will sometimes raise the lights a bit. Doing so, you will also raise the camera without even thinking about it.
  • Points straight down at the plant, unobstructed.


timelapse video gif


Aside from being visually impressive, a timelapse is also a great way to

  • track your plant's progress;
  • detect issues before they become problems;
  • show off your grow!


Included with all of your grow kits. Order yours today!