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Automato Controller Kit

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Contains the two essential Automato components:

  • Automato Controller A + power supply
  • Automato Controller B


Automato Controller A

The brain of the Automato grow space. Intended for mounting away from view, on top of or behind the grow space. Turns a compatible grow-space into an Automato-powered grow space.

Hardware Features:

  • 2 LED control channels, compatible with all MeanWell LED drivers with integrated 3-in-1 dimming. Control 2 sets of LEDs independently. Eliminates the need for a plug-in timer (note: turning off lights entirely requires a driver with 0-10V dimming);
  • 1 fan control channel compatible with all Sensdar speed-adjustable fans;
  • 2 fan control + power channels for Automato blower fans;
  • 1 output for the Automato locking system;
  • 1 input for the Automato timelapse camera;
  • 1 input for the Automato door sensor;
  • 1 input for Automato Controller B.

Input: 12V 7A

Power supply included

Requires a 2.4GHz WiFi connection.


Automato Controller B

This module is intended for installation inside the growing chamber, below any side lighting. Responsible for sensor data collection and pump control.

Hardware Features:

  • Bosch BME280 temperature & humidity sensor, mounted on a flexible goose-neck arm for convenient repositioning;
  • 2 inputs for Automato soil sensor;
  • 2 outputs for Automato watering pump;
  • long cable for connecting to Controller A.