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Automato Grow Kit

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The original Automato grow kit. Contains lights, fans, sensors, controllers, our automated watering system, a camera, and everything else you need to get started - except the cabinet itself.

Each component of our kits connects to the Automato controller, turning your grow space into the ultimate smart grow space.


With 240W of top-down lighting and 180W of lateral lighting, an Automato-powered grow space can deliver up to 420W of high-efficiency LED lighting, to produce up to three pounds per year of dried material.


Please note: No cabinet, wardrobe, or furniture is included. Product appearance may vary slightly.


Ships in 16-24 weeks.




Top Lights


Lateral Lights


TMC-SL-240 (6 panels, 240 watts)

Exhaust Fan

SENSDAR AE-100 4" EC MixFlow Fan

Wind Fans

1 x Automato Blower Fan with mounting bracket, dust filter


Automato Controller Kit


Automato Timelapse Camera

Watering system

1 x Automato multi-purpose pump

1 x 13" self-draining saucer

1 x High quality 5 gallon fabric bag