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A new way of growing.


The Automato system, included with all our grow kits, features a slick, elegant web interface packed with fun and practical features.




Stay in touch

Empty reservoir? You might want to know about that! With push notifications, get important alerts directly to your phone with the free Pushover app. (Automato iOS/Android apps coming in 2022!)

Cloud-assisted timelapses

A timelapse is a great way to keep track of your plant's progress. Your Automato timelapse camera takes the pictures, and our cloud server stitches them together for you so that you always have a fresh timelapse on your dashboard.

automato timelapse showing cannabis plant growing over 40 days


Fully integrated

Soil moisture, air temperature and relative humidity are monitored precisely by the Automato controller. When necessary, Automato will adjust the power of fans and lights in order to maintain the best environment possible for your plant. 

Program your entire grow once, and never have to adjust the lights or fans again. Lights will gradually increase in intensity as your plant matures.


Waters like a pro

Precise watering is an art.  With our automated watering system, we have tried to replicate the watering practices of an expert human grower.

Our system is based on soil moisture. With the included soil moisture sensor, Automato can tell when it's time to water.

Watering strategy adapts to any soil-like medium : "saturate when dry" is great for soil, whereas "top-up" is great for soil-less mediums such as coco/perlite. 


Based on plant science

Relative Humidity (RH) is an interesting measure, but Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD) is where's it's at. Plant science tells us that VPD is the more relevant measure of environment dryness when it comes to horticulture. That is why our environment control engine is based on the control of VPD. And thanks to the included presets, anyone can use it without any prior knowledge.



Designed for people.


Door sensor with open door mode

Perfect for chilling with your plant... or for checking on it every 15 minutes. With the included door sensor, when the doors are opened, side lights are turned off, top lights are dimmed and fans are slowed automatically.


Long autonomy

Leaving unexpectedly for a few days? Not a problem. Just fill the reservoir with a sufficiently large amount of water or nutriment water, and be on your way.


Quiet mode with scheduler

Our fans are some of the most silent on the market. But they are also powerful, and will make some noise at full speed. So if your grow space is in your living or working quarters, you may want to schedule certain periods of the day as quiet hours, during which fan speed will be limited so as to minimize noise.


Shush button

If you need some quiet outside of the scheduled quiet period, there's the Shush button! Set a timer, and the grow space will be quiet for as long as you need.


Discover a new way of growing.

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Growing tomatoes at home, close up of tomato flower